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Name Standard
Bandage DE-111A NR-11  GOST 5257-98
Bandage K140 NR-12A 4121/2001 
Bandage KTM NR-1A  ТУ 1-806-10, GOST 5257-98
Bandage KTM UZ-10  GOST 5257-98
Bandage KTM Y1460 807.605.09.83.412 
Bandage KTM UZ-3V 
Bandage KTM 630. low-floor partially processed  GOST 5257-98,GOST 25712-88
Bandage KTM low-floor Y1871 807.630. GOST 5257-98
Bandage Tatra E0305 807.03.11-96 according to the drawing
Bandage Tatra NR-2
Bandage removable AAA.06.00.101   GOST 5257-98, GOST 25712-88
Bandage KTM  low-floor UZ-9   GOST 5257-98
Bandage MTV NR-13 
Axle  605.09.40.037 according to the drawing
Axle  608K.09.29.001
Axle  630.
Axle KTM 605.09.29.211
Axle Tatra  TSAKF 7154.20.001


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